About Chocolate

Historical reports are conflicting about when chocolate arrived in Europe, although it’s agreed it first arrived in Spain. One story says Christopher Columbus discovered cacao beans after intercepting a trade ship on a journey to America and brought the beans back to Spain with him in 1502. Nonetheless, the healthy thing about Cocoa beans, an ingredient of chocolate, is that it is an energy booster, an antioxidant, and an antidepressant. Albeit, chocolate is available all over the world and its ingredient, the cocoa bean is worth its money in gold.

To this end one can compare Christ’s crucifixion to the Cocoa bean, it is the main ingredient to salvation. Without the crucifixion, there is no grace, no forgiveness of sin, no healing no salvation, no means of obtaining eternal life. The eternal moment created a salvation, and although centuries of theological ingredients have been added, the main ingredient to the Gospel is the one supreme sacrifice God made at Calvary for humankind.

John 19:30 Jesus drank the wine and said, “It is finished!” Then he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.

The mystical purpose of Jesus’ death is the reason for having and celebrating the salvation, together with the privilege being healed in the body, together eternal life.

Dear Father, thank you for the price your Son paid on the cross of Calvary for my sins and transgressions. Today I take the healing for my body, and soul knowing that I am made whole by your Holy Spirit who lives in me. Thank you for the privilege I have, to be freed from sin, healed by God in Jesus holy name, Amen.

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