Are you facing complex issues?

Are you facing complex issues? The Oxford Dictionary defines complexity as the state or quality of being intricate or complicated and gives several synonyms: complication · problem · difficulty · twist · turn · convolution · entanglement · intricacy · complicatedness · involvement · convolutedness. If any of these words describe your bag of problems, I prescribe the word simplify.

Simplification is a process that takes complicated matters and breaks them down into simple and understandable chunks so that a solution or solutions can be found. Most problems have a root cause, and once identified and fixed the symptoms disappear. A simple way to do this is by asking why every time you get an answer, to the problem, it allows you to dig deeper until the actual cause surfaces. Secondly, don’t be bogged down with too much information, and lastly, “gut feeling”, not always accurate, but is a sense of discernment for doing the “right thing”.

In times one faces complex issues, God is omnipresent to show up the truth that will solve the mystery or problem. Take this scripture to heart.

I will make you like a solid bronze wall as far as they are concerned. They will fight against you, but they will not defeat you. I will be with you to protect you and keep you safe. I will rescue you from the power of wicked and violent people. I, the LORD, have spoken.”

Jeremiah 15:20 & 21 (GNB)

Dear Lord, I speak truth over all my complexities, and believe you will release me from the difficult situations, but most of all guide my decision making in Jesus Name, Amen. Dr Cliff Ferguson – Shalom Centurion.

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