Maar daar sal ʼn takkie uitspruit uit die stomp van Isai, en ʼn loot uit sy […]
Die warmste hemellig is stadig maar seker besig om agter die verste sien te loop slaapplek […]
man in black suit wearing black sunglasses
Historians write about bodyguards in ancient Greece. Alexander the Great retained a troop of guards used […]
pink dahlia flowers in focus photography
Research estimates that, excluding algae, mosses, liverworts and hornworts, there are 390,900 plants, of which approximately […]
white casserole with gray spoon on black surface
Good morning to you whilst you may be sipping a steamy hot cup of coffee or […]
brown pathway between green leaf plants
For these to grow, good soil is required, and farmers say fertile soil contains mineral particles, […]
Vertrou op die Here met jou hele hart en steun nie op jou eie insig nie. […]
gray fence
Die vroegmiddag strale van die herfsson brand lugspieëls oor die graspolle van die Agter-Kalahari. Net soos […]
shallow focus of a woman's sad eyes
It is said that If the first tear comes from the right eye, it means happiness […]
flags on green grass field near brown concrete building during daytime
The United Nations is an international organization founded in 1945 after the Second World War by […]