10 and one 10 us dollar bill
The Financial times reports that the Bank of England founded in 1694 and almost immediately started […]
silhouette of person's hands forming heart
Have you woken up to love today? Studies done on orphans show that they fail to […]
green female angel statue
The website, Biblestudy.org points to angels in a good summary as God created all types of […]
closeup photo of person
What you see is a privilege. Our eyes are a prize possession, phycologists say the shape […]
woman in black and white long sleeve shirt
Can you recall the rhyme children use on playgrounds, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, […]
Start the day with something sweet. Times live (2021) cites the Peppermint Crisp as a “heritage” […]
brown and white spotted deer on green grass during daytime
The Oxford dictionary defines vulnerability as instances where one needs special care, support, or protection because […]
grayscale photo of woman right hand on glass
Look for the good things that can cheer you up. Psychology blogs articulate that depression, is […]
A very foggy morning on my friend's farm near Chehalis, Washington.  He had many horses and was always checking his fence for damage.
Have you ever heard the saying the neighbors are as good as the fence between us? […]
asphalt road between trees
Historians say our road building system was the result of the work of two Scottish engineers, […]