First Paper money in England

The Financial times reports that the Bank of England founded in 1694 and almost immediately started producing handwritten banknotes. The notes were redeemable for gold or coinage of the value of the notes in question, made out in pounds, shillings and pence. Today, all of the BoE’s notes still feature the words “I promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of”. The authenticity of the handwriting on paper was the guarantee for payment. Almost like Cheques in the 20th Century.

Interesting that God spoke to the prophet Isaiah in Chapter 8:1 The LORD said to me, “Take a large piece of writing material and write on it in large letters: ‘Quick Loot, Fast Plunder.’ God gives a bank note to the Assyrians and they take away the wealth of a nation. This God did to call his people back. Sometimes, when one turns or moves too far away from God, he allows the enemy to take away wealth, so that his children can turn back to him. Yet God has a guarantee written to replace what was lost, when the heart of His child is back with him. It is as if God causes a quick turnaround so that his children will remain in his heavenly care. Albeit, there is a banknote with your name on it, the only condition is, that you turn back to God, and he will surely give back your portion of wealth.

Dear Father, I turn to you for my banknote this morning, I believe you will bless me with the finances I need. Forgive me for not always appreciating your care and my prosperity. Make me financially secure in this day. I pray this in Jesus’ name, Amen. Dr Cliff Ferguson – Shalom Centurion.

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