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The average adult human brain, consisting of about 1 billion neurons, has the ability to store the equivalent of 2.5 million gigabytes digital memory. Scientists propose that a human brain can store about 300 years of Television. As the human has tried to recreate itself with so many gadgets, the brain seems to be the most complex machine to recreate. Is it possible? Does it matter? What is interesting, is that the brain made of a composition of matter, water and fed by a flow of blood, functions for a lifetime and then returns to dust.

Yet on the other hand the wonder of the growing brain from inception, through birth to adulthood is God’s miracle. He built the brain to contain a personality linked to that of its parents. No science can disprove the existence of the creator who developed the human brain and all its complex functions.

God says through the prophet Isaiah, Isaiah 44:24 &b 25 (GNB) “I am the LORD, your savior; I am the one who created you. I am the LORD, the Creator of all things. I alone stretched out the heavens; when I made the earth, no one helped me. I make fools of fortunetellers and frustrate the predictions of astrologers. The words of the wise I refute and show that their wisdom is foolishness.

Dear Lord, I praise you with an open mind, one that has the capacity to remember the good works of God, to experience forgiveness and to house a clean conscience, washed in the blood of the Lamb. Bless my day and energies my brain with the Spirit of God, in Jesus’ name, Amen. Dr Cliff Ferguson – Shalom Centurion.


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