Land Speed Record record that Fastest land speed record is 841.338 kph and was achieved by a lady named Jessi Combs in the Alvord Desert, Oregon, USA, on 27 August 2019. Jessi is the first person to break this record in more than 40 years , her speed was about 68% of that of sound being 1235 km/h.

One must imagine how fast words of prayer must be if they reach heaven and within seconds one could expect and answer, no matter how far the throne-room of God may be from earth, this we don’t know. By faith at the speed of our thoughts God hears, understands our call, knows our intention, and need.

Did Jesus not say this when he gave his model prayer to His disciples in Matthew 6:8 (GNB) Do not be like them. Your Father already knows what you need before you ask him. One should not be disheartened either when a prayer is not answered immediately, because it has been heard, its probably not the right time or place to be answered yet.

No wonder the psalmist writes in Psalm (GNB) 86:6&7 Listen, LORD, to my prayer; hear my cries for help. I call to you in times of trouble, because you answer my prayers. One should never lose hope, especially when what one asked for seems so important, God has heard, and just maybe He is testing faith hope and loyalty to Him.

Dear Lord, I ask for so much, and sometimes what I ask for seems so impossible. Help me not to give up on my dreams, plans and what I have asked for Yet not my will but yours be done. In the name of your Son, Amen. Dr Cliff Ferguson – Shalom Centurion

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