Tomshinsky, (2013) cites the first recorded handwritten letter was written by Persian Queen Atossa, around 500 BC”. Yet an open letter to God can bring out one’s deepest emotion, love for him and the problems one must solve in the simplest yet truthful way. To post the letter is simple, put it in a safe place or in your Bible, many months later, read it and find that God has answered your written requests.

Dear Father, thank you for the privilege I have to address a letter to you, and while I write, you see and capture every word. As I start this day, I want you to know how much I love you for taking good care of me in my time of trouble. I bring to you my day with several problems, and I start with my body, as it ages I need to keep fit to enjoy life, and to have the fullness of a healthy body. I have a household to take care of, they need food and the money I earn must make them comfortable, I want them to fell loved. Father, I hand over my problems, my financial situation, and the way I make decisions, I need to be guided by your Holy Spirit.

In Matthew 6:8 Jesus said, “Your Father already knows what you need before you ask him”. As I write this personal letter to you show me what I should change, and help me to do that, show me what I need to accept as part of life, and that which I cannot change, or accept, change it for me please. See my list of problems, issues and requests. Because you are my father, Jesus my best friend and the Holy Spirt my comfort, take these words I have written and understand that I believe. trust and love you Lord. Lots of love.



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