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Willing Feet

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My program  “Willing Feet” is all about living out your true destiny as an ambassador for Christ. My vision for this program is not just to build another church group or followers, but to build and equip the “body of Christ” in everyday life. Beholding Him as the Author and Finisher of our faith is an extremely important aspect of everyday life. Through the equipping and working of the Holy Spirit, we can experience a full faith life and live fulfilled.

Knowing that Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior “paid” the price for every soul on earth to see the Kingdom, is a thought people often miss when distracted by trying to make a living. Saying “yes” to be born again, and receiving the covering that flows with that, is a journey that every person should experience and enjoy.  Serving the Lord and walking in His guidance is a lifestyle choice.

footprints on seashore
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By teaching from personal experience I trust to be His “mouthpiece”, His prophetic motivation, and to reflect the love of Jesus to all that wants to hear and see! Knowing that He knew us by name even before we were born is one fact that I will always hold dearly.  Teaching my fellow man to walk in victory as described in the Word of God is an honor and privilege. The joy of the Lord is your strength and a way to overcome obstacles!

My aim is to encourage & motivate you with the Word and truth to live a fulfilled life, as you grow into maturity with Him. My passion is to reflect the body of Christ in everyday life & glorify Him as our Creator.

Be blessed and walk in faith!

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