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It is Written

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This program was inspired by the words spoken by Jesus during his forty-day fast when He was tempted in the desert.  The Word of God is full of hidden treasures. Our aim is to take one book at a time and work through it verse by verse. We will discover the hidden treasures that God has given to us for our daily living here on earth.

Jesus was the greatest example to all of us, He taught His disciples by example.  They had to experience it first hand before they could go and do it. This is what “IT IS WRITTEN” is all about.

Everything that is in the WORD OF GOD is YOURS.

Many read the Word of God but do not understand what they read. When we dissect it and add the traditions of the time, the way people used to live, and the things they used to do, then we get a clearer understanding of the Word of God. The Bible then begins to make sense.  The Word of God is not supposed to confuse us, neither are different translations supposed to confuse us.

photo of woman reading book near body of water
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Studying verse by verse gives us a better understanding of what God wants us to see.

The Word of the Lord us a Lamp unto our feet and a Light unto our Head. (Ps 119:105)

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