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“KOFFIE KLETS” (Coffee Chat) is hosted by Dr Rouxlein Carpenter from the Boland area in South Africa.

I believe that we should celebrate the Word and the ministries of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ the Messiah through the Gospel and music.

My aim is to inspire hope and joy and broadcast a message of good Hope and upliftment to all the nations of the world. You may have noticed that my program intro starts with these great words – We will shout to the North and the South and sing to the East and the West, meaning every corner of planet earth.

It is my privilege to deliver messages on this great internet radio station RAINBOW GOSPEL RADIO.

I have always been interested and fascinated by the Bible and therefore decided to study it intensely. This led to me obtaining my Doctorate in Theology in 2015. I am not a practicing minister or pastor but believe that anyone who received this talent from God can preach and give a wonderful message to all souls who love our God.

It lies close to my heart to get the word of God through to people who still do not know Him or have restricted access through hostile governments. I also have a great love for teenagers as well as the aged and volunteered at an old age- home to bring the gospel to the elderly.

I am truly blessed to be able to broadcast my messages so that all Christians and non-Christians may come to love and serve our Lord.

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