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Can you recall the rhyme children use on playgrounds, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”? First citations of this was recorded in a periodical, The Christian Recorder, cited by several writers, March 1862: “True courage consists in doing what is right, despite the jeers and sneers of our companions”. The rhyme is a well-known response to verbal bullying throughout the English-speaking world.

It is a as relevant for the believer, as for the playground. Insults come in many arguments and words do hurt. However, the most important measures one can put in place is the shield on the mind against taking insults to heart. The gentle voice of the Holy Spirit would often rectify the pain that was intended by words said in mockery, sarcasm or in an argument.

God speaks to Israel through the prophet Jeremiah 30:1 I will make you well again; I will heal your wounds, though your enemies say, ‘Zion is an outcast; no one cares about her.’ I, the LORD, have spoken.” One should turn negative words into a positive attitude so that one can win a spiritual battle.

Dear Lord, guard my mind from the effects of insults, allow me to forgive and forget and bring me to a place where I make peace with what I cannot change about myself. Allow me to live for you in my own unique way, however, not my will but yours be done. Amen. Dr Cliff Ferguson – Shalom Centurion.



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