The ring is a symbol of the heart and implies pure love

A new day with blessings and challenges.

Whilst the tradition of exchanging rings dates back 3,000 years, to Egypt these made of cloth or leather and worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. The first diamond wedding ring was recorded in the will of a widow who died in 1417. Albeit, the Western traditions of wedding rings, can be traced back to ancient Rome and Greece, where it was associated with the marital dowry and later with a promise of fidelity. In Western countries, wedding rings were initially only worn by wives, but became customary for both spouses during the 20th century.

silver-colored wedding bands
Photo by Luigi Pozzoli on Unsplash

It is said that the ring is a symbol of the heart and implies pure love. So too salvation through Christ is a symbol seen by the world on the body, or so it should be. The baptism is a symbolic unification with Christ in His Death and Resurrection. Salvation is our heavenly dowry, paid by God with His son’s life. Looking at Isaiah 62:5:

Like a young man taking a virgin as his bride, He who formed you will marry you. As a groom is delighted with his bride, So your God will delight in you.

Isaiah 62:5

Imagine God delighting in you, you are one whom he cherishes and wants the best for. Take on God’s delight through your salvation and be blessed.

Dear Jesus, be blessed with the sincerity of my heart today, I love you because you loved me first. Please take my day, turn it around, bless my family and friends and even those who don’t like or care about me. Guide me by your spirit and keep me safe in Jesus” name. Amen

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