Are you facing complex issues? The Oxford Dictionary defines complexity as the state or quality of […]
Ever wondered about the African bullfrog, gets to be as large as a dinner plate. AZ […] says that there are certain areas of the human brain that are positively affected by […] cites that concertinas were made and sold in England and Germany in the mid-1830’s as […]
lunar eclipse photo
We all enjoy the sunlight God put in place for us. Nasa, (2021) says the Parker […]
10 and one 10 us dollar bill
The Financial times reports that the Bank of England founded in 1694 and almost immediately started […]
silhouette of person's hands forming heart
Have you woken up to love today? Studies done on orphans show that they fail to […]
green female angel statue
The website, points to angels in a good summary as God created all types of […]
closeup photo of person
What you see is a privilege. Our eyes are a prize possession, phycologists say the shape […]
woman in black and white long sleeve shirt
Can you recall the rhyme children use on playgrounds, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, […]